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Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Wharf Boats

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Wharf Boats

In the sullied waters off of Cite Soleil in the Bay of Port-au-Prince, the artist observed various types of sailcraft and rowboats plying the waters with their wares. Based on pencil sketches and photographs, this small acrylic painting was rendered. (collection of Caroline Larose).

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Kaliko Sailor

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Kaliko Sailor

While visiting the beach spot of Moulin Sur Mer, the site of a 1700s sugar cane plantation that was destroyed in the Revolution, but restored in 1976, the artist spotted this skiff sailing down the coast with a load of packaged cargo of some sort, The water color rendering was started on the beach and filled in a bit more later as a reference piece.

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Abaka Bay Dock

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Abaka Bay Dock

The artist spent two days on Isle a Vache, a small island off the southern coast of Haiti where the English pirate Captain Henry Morgan once operated during his 1600s raids on Spanish and French merchant ships. While waiting for the departure of the “lodge boat” to go back to the mainland, this watercolor sketch of the beach, dock, and boat was rendered.

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Les Cayes Sailors

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Les Cayes Sailors

Haitians have a rich history of seafaring ways, going back to the original “boucaniers” or buccaneers–people who lived on smoked meat and supplemented their resources through piracy in the 1700s and 1800s. While traveling by small boat from Les Cayes to Isle a Vache, I encountered several sail craft that lent themselves to watercolor sketches.

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Isle a Vache Fishermen

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Isle a Vache Fishermen

A family of fishermen pull in their nets off Port Morgan on Isle a Vache while some of the younger boys jump in-and-climb-out of the water. (2013) (Acrylic)

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Isle a Vache sail craft

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Isle a Vache sail craft

In the waters where pirate Captain Henry Morgan once rode the waves, a modern day sailing craft plies more peaceful waters between Les Cayes and Isle a Vache, Haiti.