Chip Beck.

Dr. Chip Beck (CDR, USNR Ret.)

About Vagabond Artist Dr. Chip Beck

U.S. Navy and Cold War Combat Artist Commander Chip Beck (USNR Retired) has traveled to 145 countries and six continents from 1968 to the present.  Along the way, he amassed hundreds of field sketches, paintings, and thousands of photographs covering wars, revolutions, political upheavals, and exotic lands and people caught up in the history he witnessed.

Like the old “cowboy artists” Fredrick Remington, Charlie Russell, and W.R. Leigh, “Dr. Chip” has lived among the people and places that he depicts in his paintings and writings.

In 2016, Chip’s Desert Storm Combat art was displayed in Fuhrman University in South Carolina. In 2017, the National Parks Art Foundation selected him to spend a month living on the Gettysburg Battlefield as it’sartist-in-residence.

Over the past three years, Chip has traveled to Botswana, Europe, the West Indies, Alaska, and New Zealand, capturing scenery and life on paper, canvas, and (digital) film. Traveling the world, he is the Vagabond Artist.

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  1. Phil Ventura says :

    Congratulations on the book Chip!

    Phil Ventura
    (Jeanette’s husband)

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