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Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Belville Flowers

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Belville Flowers

There is an abundance of flowers in Haiti. In this collage, the artist decided to use actual flowers acquired during his daily walks around the Belville neighborhood “just down the hill” from Petion-Ville. After more than a year, the colors of the pressed flowers remain relatively vibrant and detailed.

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Haitian Cowboy

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Haitian Cowboy

This “cowboy” was observed along the side of the road en route to Saint Marc. This artist refers to him as a cowboy because of his hat, despite the absence of a horse. The pencil sketch is a study for a future painting.

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Man & Beast of Burden

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Man & Beast of Burden

While traveling along the roads of Dessalines, the artist began collecting images of the various beasts of burden (horses, burros, mules) that were used in lieu of vehicles. This pencil sketch portrays a typical farmer and his pack animal.

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Abaka Bay Dock

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Abaka Bay Dock

The artist spent two days on Isle a Vache, a small island off the southern coast of Haiti where the English pirate Captain Henry Morgan once operated during his 1600s raids on Spanish and French merchant ships. While waiting for the departure of the “lodge boat” to go back to the mainland, this watercolor sketch of the beach, dock, and boat was rendered.

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Les Cayes Sailors

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Les Cayes Sailors

Haitians have a rich history of seafaring ways, going back to the original “boucaniers” or buccaneers–people who lived on smoked meat and supplemented their resources through piracy in the 1700s and 1800s. While traveling by small boat from Les Cayes to Isle a Vache, I encountered several sail craft that lent themselves to watercolor sketches.

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–St. Marc Boys

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--St. Marc Boys

While visiting the ruins of an 18th Century fort on the cliffs overlooking St. Marc, my driver and I were visited by a group of curious boys who wondered what “le blanc” (the white guy) was doing so far away from the main road. I did a quick pencil sketch and took some photos, which I combined to make this water color sketch later on.

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Carrot Lady

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Carrot Lady

In the “Haitians Using their Heads” series, I rendered this lady in an orange dress carrying her load of orange carrots in a large bag up a steep hill in the Delmas areas.

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Heavy Hatter

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Heavy Hatter

There was no shortage of interesting headgear in Haiti. The variety helped to give the wearers distinct personas and character. As I traveled around the capital and the country, I started looking for interesting “hatters.”

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Local Bar

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Local Bar

After the earthquake devastated much of Port-au-Prince in JAN 2010, Haitians took to using old shipping containers as their “stores” and places of business, serving as barber shops, mini-marts, repair shops, and bars. While waiting for a Chief of Police along the Rue Soleil area, I had time to render this quick water color sketch (2012).

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Water Guy

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Water Guy

“Water Guy” was a quick on-site watercolor completed while I waited from my Haitian driver to attend a school/church function for his daughter. As I sat back in the SUV and watched the world pass back the gates of the church compound, the sketch evolved into a scene of various “vendors” trying to sell their wares without actually entering the inner area.