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Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Heavy Hatter

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Heavy Hatter

There was no shortage of interesting headgear in Haiti. The variety helped to give the wearers distinct personas and character. As I traveled around the capital and the country, I started looking for interesting “hatters.”

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Local Bar

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Local Bar

After the earthquake devastated much of Port-au-Prince in JAN 2010, Haitians took to using old shipping containers as their “stores” and places of business, serving as barber shops, mini-marts, repair shops, and bars. While waiting for a Chief of Police along the Rue Soleil area, I had time to render this quick water color sketch (2012).

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Water Guy

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Water Guy

“Water Guy” was a quick on-site watercolor completed while I waited from my Haitian driver to attend a school/church function for his daughter. As I sat back in the SUV and watched the world pass back the gates of the church compound, the sketch evolved into a scene of various “vendors” trying to sell their wares without actually entering the inner area.