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Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–“Mr. Germain”

My landlord in Haiti was a terrific gentleman and eventual friend was known by our team as “Mister” Germain. I executed this watercolor/acrylic sketch toward the end of my year in Haiti as a departure gift for him.

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Wharf Boats

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Wharf Boats

In the sullied waters off of Cite Soleil in the Bay of Port-au-Prince, the artist observed various types of sailcraft and rowboats plying the waters with their wares. Based on pencil sketches and photographs, this small acrylic painting was rendered. (collection of Caroline Larose).

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Belville Sunset

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Belville Sunset

The sunsets (and sunrises) in Haiti were frequently spectacular in terms of colors and shapes of the cloud configurations. Early in the artist’s yearlong stay in Haiti (2012-2013), this sunset was captured in a watercolor sketch from the balcony of his Belville residence.

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Kaliko Sailor

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Kaliko Sailor

While visiting the beach spot of Moulin Sur Mer, the site of a 1700s sugar cane plantation that was destroyed in the Revolution, but restored in 1976, the artist spotted this skiff sailing down the coast with a load of packaged cargo of some sort, The water color rendering was started on the beach and filled in a bit more later as a reference piece.

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Steel Wool Vendor

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Steel Wool Vendor

As part of the “Haitians Using their Heads,” the artist rendered this water color sketch of a woman carrying a load of steel wool pads in a large bowl on her head.

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Belville Flowers

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Belville Flowers

There is an abundance of flowers in Haiti. In this collage, the artist decided to use actual flowers acquired during his daily walks around the Belville neighborhood “just down the hill” from Petion-Ville. After more than a year, the colors of the pressed flowers remain relatively vibrant and detailed.

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti–Haitian Cowboy

Vagabond Artist Images of Haiti--Haitian Cowboy

This “cowboy” was observed along the side of the road en route to Saint Marc. This artist refers to him as a cowboy because of his hat, despite the absence of a horse. The pencil sketch is a study for a future painting.